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Thursday 21st Sep 12:00
Dr. R QuidantPlasmon Nano-optics

The internal conferences (sci-talks) are held by researches from our Materials Science Institute of Seville with the aim of discussing and disseminating the research conducted within our research groups.

Sci-talks are held biweekly at 10.00 am in the seminar room at cic-cartuja2 (yellow building)



Dr. R Quidant
Dr. Mattieu Allieux, invited
Dra. Ana Becerro
Dr. D. Sinclair
Dr. Juan Carlos Sánchez-López
Dr. L de Cola
Dr. Francisco Yubero
Dr. Luis Pérez-Maqueda
Dr. K Ostrikov
Dr. Richard Lambert
Dr. Mª Dolores Alba
Dr. Gerardo Colón
Dr. Cuong Pham-Huu
Dr. Asunción Fernández
Dr. Mauricio Calvo
Prof. Dr. Anders Hagfeld

The invited conferences are held by researchers form groups in topics of utmost interest to our Institute. With the conferences, we intend to favour the stablishment of conctacts between the invited researchers and our research groups.

The invited seminars are held montly on Thursday mornings,  in the Seminars room at cic-cartuja 2 (yellow building).