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November 20th (Tuesday) | 10.00 h Seminario CicCartuja2

Structural control in porous/compact multilayer systems grown by magnetron sputtering

Dr. Rafael Álvarez Molina

ICMS-sci-talks are held by scientists from the Materials Science Institute of Seville with the aim of discussing and disseminating their research activity. They consist of 20-25 min talks focussed on a recently published paper.
ICMS-sci-talks are held biweekly at 10.00 am in the seminar room at cicCartuja2 (yellow building).
Contact: se.ci1542383197sc.es1542383197mci@o1542383197rebuy1542383197
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November 8th (Thursday) | 11.30 h
Salón de Grados CicCartuja2

Plasma sputtering synthesis of nanocatalyst for fuel cells: Experiments and molecular dynamics simulations

Dr. Pascal Brault
CNRS-Université d’Orléans


The invited conferences are held by researchers form groups in topics of utmost interest to our Institute. With the conferences, we intend to favour the stablishment of conctacts between the invited researchers and our research groups.
The invited seminars are held montly on Thursday mornings,  in the Seminars room at cic-cartuja 2 (yellow building).
Contact: se.ci1542383197sc.es1542383197mci@o1542383197nazol1542383197g1542383197
23 Enero | 10.00 h (Seminario cicCartuja2)

Photonic tuning of the emission of nanophosphor films

Dr. Gabriel Lozano

6 Febrero | 10.00 h (Seminario cicCartuja2)

Cobalt carbide identified as catalytic site for the dehydrogenation of ethanol to acetaldehyde

Dr. Alfonso Caballero

20 Febrero | 10.00 h (Seminario cicCartuja2)

Low temperature plasma processing of platinum porphyrins for the development of metal nanostructured layers

Dr. Juan Ramón Sánchez-Valencia

13 Marzo l | 10.00 h (Seminario cicCartuja2)

Outstanding visible photocatalytic activity of a new mixed bismuth titanate material

Dra. Carmen Hidalgo

10 Abril | 10.00 h (Seminario cicCartuja2)

Improving the pollutant removal efficiency of packed-bed plasma reactors incorporating ferroelectric components

Dr. José Cotrino

8 Mayo | 10.00 h (Seminario cicCartuja2)

Multifunctional Eu-doped NaGd(MoO4)2 nanoparticles functionalized with poly (L-lysine) for optical and MRI imaging

Dr. Manuel Ocaña

22 Mayo | 10.00 h (Seminario cicCartuja2)

Performance of biomorphic Silicon Carbide as particulate filter in diesel boilers

Dr. Joaquín Ramírez Rico

5 Junio | 10.00 h (Seminario cicCartuja2)

The role of cobalt hydroxide in deactivation of thin film Co-based catalysts for sodium borohydride hydrolysis

Dra. Gisela Arzac

19 Junio | 10.00 h (Seminario cicCartuja2)

Tailoring the emission from nanometric light sources via Tamm modes in flexible coatings

Dr. Juan Galisteo

18 Septiembre | 10.00 h (Seminario cicCartuja2)

In situ monitoring of the phenomenon of Electrochemical Promotion of Catalysis


Dr. Juan Pedro Espinós

9 Octubre | 10.00 h (Seminario cicCartuja2)

Origin of light induced instability of organic-inorganic perovskites in the presence of oxygen


Dr. Hernán Míguez

25 Octubre | 10.00 h (Seminario cicCartuja2)

Isosymmetric structural phase transition of the orthorhombic lanthanum gallate structure as a function of temperature determined by Rietveld analysis

Dr. José Manuel Córdoba

6 Noviembre | 10.00 h (Seminario cicCartuja2)

Characterization and Validation of a-Si Magnetron-Sputtered Thin Films as Solid He Targets with High Stability for Nuclear Reactions

Dra. Vanda Godinho

20 Noviembre | 10.00 h (Seminario cicCartuja2)

Structural control in porous/compact multilayer systems grown by magnetron sputtering

Dr. Rafael Álvarez Molina

12 Diciembre | 10.00 h (Seminario cicCartuja2)

Exotic grain growth in boron carbide polycrystals under electric fields

Dr. Diego Gómez

18 Enero | 11.30 h (Salón de Grados CicCartuja2)

Nanostructures – Preparation and Applications


Dr. B. Rauschenbach
Leibniz-Institut für Oberflächmodifizierung

16 Febrero | 11.30 h (Salón de Grados CicCartuja2)

Plasma catalysis for CO2 conversion: A better understanding of the underlying mechanisms

Dr. A. Bogaerts
Research group PLASMANT, University of Antwerp, Department of Chemistry, Belgium

Abstract A. Bogaerts

15 Marzo | 11.00 h (Salón de Grados CicCartuja2)

Nanostructured N-doped Carbon and Carbon nitride materials: Enzyme-like Heterogeneous Catalysts ?


Dr. M. Antonietti

Max Planck
Institute of Colloids and Interfaces,
University of Potsdam, Germany


Abstract Antonietti


13 Abril | 11.30 h (Salón de Grados CicCartuja2)

Halide Perovskites for Photovoltaic and Light-Emission Applications


Dr. S. Stranks

Cavendish Laboratory, Cambridge


26 Abril | 11.30 h (Salón de Grados CicCartuja2)

Stretching the wave: the quest for long-wavelength phosphors for displays, lighting and medical imaging


Dr. D. Poelman
Ghent University, Belgium


24 Mayo | 11.30 h (Salón de Grados CicCartuja2)

Solid state chemistry of oxides: some properties and applications

Dr. A. West
University of Sheffield, UK


18 octubre | 11.30 h (Salón de Grados CicCartuja2)

Electric Field Manipulation of Matter via Synchrotron Radiation

Prof. Thomas Tsakalakos
Director and Principal Investigator, Nano-Structured Materials Laboratory (Dept. of Materials Science and Engineering) Rutgers University


8 Noviembre | 11.00 h

Plasma sputtering synthesis of nanocatalyst for fuel cells: Experiments and molecular dynamics simulations

Dr. Pascal Brault
CNRS-Université d’Orléans




24 Octubre 2017 | 10.00 h (Seminario CicCartuja2)

Sample Controlled Thermal Analysis (SCTA) as a promising tool for kinetic characterization of Solid State Reactions and Controlled Material Synthesis

Dr. José Manuel Criado Luque

22 Junio | 10.00 h (Seminario CicCartuja2)

Rare Earth Nanofluorides and their Applications as Contrast Agents in Luminescent Bioimaging and  Computed Tomography

Dra. Ana Isabel Becerro Nieto

18 Mayo | 10.00 h (Seminario CicCartuja2)

Cathode and ion-luminescence of Eu:ZnO thin films prepared by reactive magnetron sputttering and plasma decomposition of non-volatile precursors

Dr. Francisco Yubero Valencia

19 Abril | 10.00 h (Seminario CicCartuja2)

Mechanisms of important molecular coupling reactions studied in vacuum on single crystal surfaces and with nanoparticles in liquid

Dr. Ricard Lambert

23 Marzo | 10.00 h (Seminario CicCartuja2)

Towards the hydrogen production by photocatalysis

Dr. Gerardo Colón Ibáñez

23 Febrero | 10.00 h (Seminario CicCartuja2)

Strong quantum confinement and fast photoemission activation in CH3NH3PbI3 perovskite nanocrystals grown within periodically mesostructured Films

Dr. Mauricio Calvo Roggiani

12 Diciembre | 10.00 h (Seminario CicCartuja2)

Study of the alloys used in the manufacture and alterations of pipe organs

Dr. Angel Justo Erbez

10 Octubre 2017 | 10.00 h (Seminario CicCartuja2)

Dense graphene nanoplatelet/ytria tetragonal zirconia composites: processing, hardness and electrical conductivity

Dra. Rosalía Poyato Galán

16 Junio | 10.30 h (Salón de Grados CicCartuja2)

The influence of non-stoichiometry and chemical doping on the electrical properties of Na1/2Bi1/2TiO3 ceramics

Prof. Derek C. Sinclair
Departamento de Ciencia de Materiales e Ingeniería. University of Sheffield, UK


18 Mayo | 11.30 h (Salón de Grados CicCartuja2)

The influence of non-stoichiometry and chemical doping on the electrical properties of Na1/2Bi1/2TiO3 ceramics

Prof. Luisa De Cola
Institute de Science et d’Ingénierie Supramoléculaires (I.S.I.S.), Université de Strasbourg and KIT, Germany


5 Abril 2017 | 10.00 h (Seminario CicCartuja2)

On the multicycle activity of natural limestone/dolomite for thermochemical energy storage of concentrated solar power

Dr. Luis A. Pérez Maqueda


16 Marzo | 11.30 h (Salón de Grados CicCartuja2)

Materials for catalysis: challenges and opportunities

Dr. Cuong Pham-Huu
Institute of Chemistry and Processes for Energy, Environment and Health (ICPEES, UMR 7515) CNRS and University of Strasbourg, France


16 Febrero | 11.30 h (Salón de Grados CicCartuja2)

The Versatility of Mesoscopic Solar Cells

Prof. Anders Hagfeld
Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Lausanne (EPFL), CH-1015, Lausanne, Switzerland


7 Noviembre | 10.00 h (Seminario CicCartuja2)

Plasma assisted deposition of single and multistacked TiO2 hierarchical nanotube photoanode

Dra. Ana Isabel Borrás Martos

15 Septiembre | 11.30 h (Salón de Grados CicCartuja2)

Tailoring crystallization in oxide glasses: Application to transparent polycrystalline ceramics and nanostructured glass-ceramics

Dr. Mattieu Allieux
CEMHTI, Orléans, France


1 Junio |10.00 h (Seminario CicCartuja2)

Solid lubricant behaviour of MoS2 and WSe2 – based nanocomposite coatings

Dr. Juan Carlos Sánchez López

20 Abril | 11.30 h (Salón de Grados CicCartuja2)

Plasma-synergistic effects: catalysing cross-disciplinary collaborations

Prof. Kosya (Ken) Ostrikov
Queensland University of Technology (QUT) and CSIRO, QUT-CSIRO Joint Sustainable Processes and Devices Laboratory. Australia


30 Marzo | 10.00 h (Seminario CicCartuja2)

Influence of temperature and time on the Eu3+ reaction with synthetic Na-Mica-n (n=2 and 4)

Dra. María Dolores Alba Carranza

2 Marzo | 10.00 h (Seminario CicCartuja2)

Nitrogen nanobubbles in a-SiOxNy coatings: evaluation of its physical properties and chemical bonding state by spatially resolved EELS

Dra. Asunción Fernández Camacho


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